Our guides will take you on a fishing adventure of a lifetime


If you are looking for the best fly fishing accommodation and guides on Kiritimati (Christmas Island)
then look no further Ikari House ranked the number one fishing adventure by our guests.

Experience Christmas Island Fly Fishing

Your Hurley’s Fly Fishing adventure on Kiritimati or Christmas Island (CXI) trip includes almost everything. So all you need to do is make sure you have your gear ready and get to the airport.

As the Fiji Air flight from Nadi to Christmas Island leave at 11.59pm on Tuesday, you need to ensure your flight from Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane arrives in Nadi, Fiji serveral hours prior.

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Guest Reviews

“Unbelievable! Unless you have been there and experienced bone fishing. Great food, attentive staff, comfortable accommodation and a guide with a wicked sense of humour and eyes to see a bone fish in wavy water at 100m. The fishing is everything you have heard and much, much more. Bone fish – think torpedo, only faster!”

Frank HusseySatisfied customer

“I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled a lot and fished around the world. I know that really good fishing can be easily undone by unenthusiastic guides and staff, uncomfortable accommodation or poor food. At Ikari House, you’ll have none of that. Firstly, Kiritimati (Christmas) Island has really good fishing as the countless flats abound with bonefish of all sizes.”

Patrick BrennanSatisfied customer

“The pristine marine environment, gin clear water and endless miles of flats, combined with an incredible abundance of bonefish provided an unforgettable world class fishing experience. The guides and staff of Ikari House were brilliant and made the experience even more memorable. The trip was nothing short of fantastic.”

Nathan HarrisonSatisfied customer

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