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“Just returned from the most amazing trip thanks, 49 bones up to 7lb Also got a dozen other species including big yellowfin and skipjack tuna and huge trigger fish Others in our party also got wahoo 125cm to tail fork, giant trevally of around 30 kilos and giant bones close to 10 lbs I hooked a GT estimated at 50 kilo on fly but it went badly with my reel exploding about 150 metres into the first run with the drag mechanism going in one direction closely followed by the spool in the other. Things still looked possible as I held the burning spool in gloved fingers but then the coral cut off the front section of the flyline. A Big Shimano biopace fly reel (350 metres of backing) on its first fish but at least got good story The standard of guiding (Simon the head guide was outstanding, best guide I’ve ever had for his spotting ability, work ethic and commitment to moving us around multiple great places each day), food, accommodation, location, cultural show and service was as good as you could imagine and far far exceeded my expectations. I said I wanted to target bigger fish so we went to flats with smaller numbers of big big fish, generally deeper flat edges adjacent to deep water produced the big ones, each day I saw, hooked, landed or lost bones of eye watering proportions till by the end I was only using 24 pound ( 0.4 mm) fluorocarbon leader and super strong gamagatzu SL12 number 2 hooks. Gamagatzu fine wire bonefish hooks are rubbish on big fish. Even the good mustard carbon size 6 hooks were straightened on some big fish as big fish areas had a lot of coral needing a firm hand on the drag. Some big fish landed on the heavy gear had leaders that looked like a length of woolen yarn that had been abraded with Velcro, from the coral abrasion but they held because they were thick. Prior to beefing up the gear, the 12 lb fluoro leader and number 4 and 6 mustard carbon hooks resulted in the loss of 3 mouth-watering fish. In discussion with English and Simon I systematically beefed up the leaders and hooks till you could really “give the big fish some curry Am keen to go back in 2 years at a similar time. You have a perfect fishing outfit with Ikari House”
– Andrew Mitchell, August 2011


“The pristine marine environment, gin clear water and endless miles of flats, combined with an incredible abundance of bonefish provided an unforgettable world class fishing experience. The guides and staff of Ikari House were brilliant and made the experience even more memorable. The trip was nothing short of fantastic.”
– Nathan Harrison 2011


“Unbelievable! Unless you have been there and experienced bone fishing. Great food, attentive staff, comfortable accommodation and a guide with a wicked sense of humour and eyes to see a bone fish in wavy water at 100m. The fishing is everything you have heard and much, much more. Bone fish – think torpedo, only faster!”
– Frank Hussey, Tasmania. Former trout tragic.


“I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled a lot and fished around the world. I know that really good fishing can be easily undone by unenthusiastic guides and staff, uncomfortable accommodation or poor food. At Ikari House, you’ll have none of that. Firstly, Kiritimati (Christmas) Island has really good fishing as the countless flats abound with bonefish of all sizes. It is a sight fishing paradise! Ikari House provides waterfront access to all this with boat pickup usually from right in front of the lodge. The guides and staff will go out of their way to make the trip exceed your expectations. They guides are very skilled and work very hard. While you are out fishing the lodge staff are preparing your meals and making sure your room is clean, cool and comfortable for your return. It would be hard to be unhappy with a stay at Ikari House.”
– Patrick Brennan, NSW


“Awesome, just awesome. Spent a week on Christmas Island bonefishing after dreaming about it for years. It’s been a few months now but I know I’ll be back, just thinking about it makes me grin like an idiot. I cannot describe the rush you get when that bonefish picks up your fly and heads for the horizon with alarming speed, and again, and again, and again. Ikari House was outstanding, clean, comfortable, great food, a well supplied bar, air conditioning and most importantly the best guides on the island. You will not be disappointed as these guys put you onto ‘many, many bonefish’. If there is one thing to do before you die it is go bonefishing on Christmas Island (and more than once).”
– Dion Stevenson, 2010

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